Recursion (noun). If you still don’t get it, see recursion.

From Michael Corballis:

Recursion (rĭ-kûr’-zhən) noun. If you still don’t get it see recursion.

Nonsense, I’ll mutter to the end, one word after another, string the rascals out, mad or not, heard or not, my last words will be my last words.

From John Barth’s story of Autobiography: A Self-recorded Fiction

It was a dark and stormy night, and we said to the captain, “Tell us a story!” And this is the story the captain told: “It was a dark and stormy night, and we said to the captain, ‘Tell us a story!’ And this is the story the captain told: ‘It was a dark …’”

Parody of Bulwer-Lytton’s novel Paul Clifford

Write the sentence ONCE UPON A TIME THERE on one side of a strip of paper, and WAS A STORY THAT BEGAN on the other side. Then twist one end once and attach it to the other end, to form a Mobius strip. As you work your way round the strip, the story goes on forever.

John Barth’s Frame-Tale (1968) as related by Michael Corballis

Artists’ faith and George Michael

One of my favorite pieces by Bob Lefsetz is the one written shortly after George Michael passed away. It’s a letter that is raw in the same, patent way that Lefsetz usually writes, but to me it is also expressed in a way that a computer would have an extremely difficult time understanding what’s being sad. That said, it would have no problem repeating something similar to it. 

While the rest of the world jumps through the hoops to get to a safe place, our artists walk into the wilderness without a safety net and out of thin air create diamonds that shine forever. 

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My badass (former) boss Nicholas Negroponte

excerpts via Wired

Wired: How has living on airplanes – being in the clouds all day – changed your perspective on the world?

Negroponte: When you go around the world a half dozen times each year it reinforces the fact that this planet is one complex place, with many perspectives, the least attractive of which is a nationalistic one.

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The Venerable Electromechanical Mouse

From computing pioneer Brad Meyers:

A motivation for this article is to overcome the mistaken impression that much of the important work in Human-Computer Interaction occurred in industry, and if university research in Human-Computer Interaction is not supported, then industry will just carry on anyway. This is simply not true. 

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